Prescription Drug Misuse


Prescription drug misuse is defined as taking medicine that is not prescribed to you, or taking prescription medication in a way that it was not intended. Prescription drug misuse is on the rise. Opioids are a commonly misused prescription drug, but other commonly abused prescription drugs include benzodiazepines and stimulants.


One way to reduce prescription drug misuse is to properly dispose of any prescription drugs that are not being used. About 80% of people that misuse prescription drugs get the medications from friends and family through theft, buying or being given the medication. An unsecured medication that is not being used is a risk. Safe prescription medication disposal options for Ingham County can be found on the Take Back Meds website. If you take prescription drugs, lock them up and do not store them in view of house guests. 

Another step to reducing prescription drug misuse, is understanding opioids and using non-habit forming drugs or other methods to manage pain if possible. Learn more about pain management options.

Read more about local efforts to prevent opioid addiction and local data available through the Ingham Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative.

Opioid Overdose Prevention

People who use opioids and those who care about someone who uses opioids should carry naloxone, also known as Narcan, an emergency rescue medication that can be easily administered in the event of overdose. Opioids include both prescription drugs such as Oxycodone and street drugs such as heroin.