Healthy Homes

Many communities in the U.S., including those in Ingham County, are facing a crisis in the availability of safe, healthy, affordable rental housing. Learn about national efforts to combat this problem at and local efforts at

How does housing matter? Learn about the latest findings on the impact of housing factors on health, educational and employment outcomes:

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Free Products and Services - Lead & Healthy Homes
If you have a child under six or a pregnant woman living in your home and you are low-to-moderate income, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to test your home for lead and make it lead-safe.  Rental property owners may also receive financial assistance to make properties lead-safe (vacant properties may qualify as long as you agree to promote the home to families with children). To learn more, visit

If you do not qualify for the financial assistance program, you can still get your house tested by hiring a certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor. Getting your house tested will help you prioritize which areas need work and how to prevent exposure to those areas. 

Households utilizing the Lead Safe Home program are also eligible to receive a Healthy Homes investigation to identify and remediate health and safety hazards (mold, chemicals, lead, asbestos, radon, trip and fall, carbon monoxide, electrical, fire.) Families with a child with severe-persistent asthma are encouraged to apply and will receive priority.

Asthma Info and Help
Visit to learn about the Mid-Michigan Asthma Coalition and the free events and services they offer throughout the year. Click here to get MMAC's Asthma Info for Parents fact sheet. See notation about healthy homes grants for families with asthma above.

Legal Help
Legal Services of South Central Michigan / Legal Aid provides free legal information and assistance  to residents within 25% of poverty. Call 1-888-783-8190, M-Th 9am-11am and Thurs 5pm-7pm.

Comprehensive Healthy Homes Guide & Presentation: You Deserve a Healthy, Safe, Stable, Affordable