Online Registration

Online Registration

You can now complete registration for your upcoming appointment online, and check-in for your appointment online!

Three days before your appointment you will receive an email/SMS-text message with a notification to log into our secure portal Patients to complete the online intake forms for your appointment. An hour prior to the appointment, an hour before your appointment you will receive a link to check in You can complete the online forms and check in process using a smartphone, tablet or computer. To log in you will need to confirm your identity with your name and date of birth.

Online Registration

If you are due for new paperwork, you can complete these forms online through our online registration process using your electronic or mobile device. Please be prepared to dedicate about 10 minutes to the online registration process. You will be able to complete our registration form, family income form, updated your medical and family history, and review and sign off on our consents for treatment and care, update your insurance information and pharmacy information. You will also be able to save a PDF copy of these forms (add screen shot on where the PDF button to save a file shows up).

Online Check-in

If you are not due for any new paperwork you will receive a notification to check in. During the online check-in process you will be asked to update information that we have on file for you like, name, contact information, pharmacy information, insurance information and emergency contact information.

Please make sure you are connected to a reliable WIFI or internet source. If you get disconnected in the middle of the process you can log back on using the initial notification you received and you will be able to pick back up where you started.

Getting prepared to complete the online registration

Please have the following information available to complete forms:

Family income information (number of people in household, and annual income in dollar amount. If you get paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly please calculate your pay so that it totals what you receive in a year, do not include:

Earnings of a dependent child
Food Stamps
Income Tax Refunds
Student Loans

Copy of insurance card if this information has changed since you last visited our clinic
Copy of ID
Credit card or debit card to pay any outstanding balance or co-pay.
We assure you that your information will be encrypted so your information is safe and private
If you choose not to make a payment at this time you can decline payment

If your pharmacy information has changed, please have the address ready

What to expect

You will receive an initial email/SMS-text notification up to 3 days before your appt. to complete online registration. If you do not complete your registration you will receive a reminder notification to complete online registration again up to 1 day before your appointment and again up to 60 min before your appt. if you still have not completed online registration.

Once you complete online registration you will receive a notification via email/SMS-text 60 minutes before your appointment to check-in for your appointment. Please ensure that you complete this last step as it verifies for our staff that you have kept your appointment and assists them in preparing for your visit. Once you complete your online check in, you will receive a notification 30 min before your appt. reminding you of your upcoming visit.