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 Ronald A. Charles, MD MHSA FACP FACHE
 Medical Director



Ingham Community Health Centers

Our mission is to provide the best experience through people centered care. 


Ingham Community Health Centers

Ingham Community Health Centers will be the premier Center of Excellence for community wellness.

Education (committed to educating patients/staff)
Access / Accountability
Diversity / Inclusion
Excellence (high quality care)
Respect (for others)

Ingham Community Health Centers have a long standing, successful history of providing primary care services to low income and medically under-served people in the community.

ICHC has twelve health center locations: Allen Community Health Center, Birch Health Center, Cedar Community Health Center (Child Health, and Women’s Health), Forest Community Health Center, Eastern Health Center, Gardner Health Center, Pattengill Health Center, Everett Health Center, Sexton Health Center, Willow Health Center and New Hope Health Center.

Services include primary care, dental, chronic disease management, on-site lab, infectious disease, HIV/STI, immunizations, family planning, prenatal, behavioral health, refugee health assessments, nutrition counseling, health education, risk reduction, and Prompt Care - currently at Forest Community Health Center only.

Services through Ingham Community Health Centers are provided in partnership with CEI-Community Mental Health, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Michigan State University, and Sparrow Health Systems.

The Ingham Community Health Centers are dedicated to provide affordable, high quality, and comprehensive primary care to medically under-served people regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

These programs are made possible, in part, with grant support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

FQHC stands for a Federally Qualified Health Center.
"Health Center" is used to refer to Health Center Program grantees and Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alikes.

Health Centers have been providing comprehensive, accessible, affordable, and quality primary and preventative health for 50 years regardless of patients ability to pay.

39 Michigan Health Center organizations provide care at over 240 delivery sites across the state.

Over 650,000 Michigan residents call a Health Center their health care home.

Nearly 1,300 Health Centers are spread across all 50 states and US Territories and operate approximately 9,000 service delivery sites, which provides care to more than 21.7 million patients.

Health Center Program Fundamentals:

Health Centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care.

Health Centers are located in or serve a high need community - otherwise known as a designated Medically Underserved Area/Population (MUA/MUP)

Health Centers are governed by a Community Board, that is composed of a majority (51% or more) of health center patients who represent the population served.

Health Centers provide comprehensive primary health care services, as well as supportive services, that promote access to health care.

Health Centers provide services available to all with fees adjusted based on ability to pay.

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*information provided from www.bphc.hrsa.gov