External Web Link: Restaurant Inspection Reports Portal

The following information will help you in using this site:

  • This website shows the two most recent routine inspections for a licensed food service facility. For any reports that are not on this website, please contact our office at 517-887-4312. 
  • There is a daisy logo next to facilities that are completely smoke – free. Use this logo to locate smoke – free dining facilities. The purpose of the daisy logo is to provide awareness of environmental tobacco smoke (also called ETS or secondhand smoke) in public facilities. 
  • The website allows you to search only for inspections of non-smoking facilities as well. 
  • Critical violations: Critical violations are those that present a potential health hazard and should be corrected immediately. Non-critical violations are those that, while still important, do not pose an immediate health hazard and should be corrected in a timely manner.