Environmental Health Data

Effective 11/1/2022, Environmental Health will be closed from 12-1 for lunch.

The primary mission of the Environmental Health Division (EH) is to protect the public from the adverse impacts of environmental factors whether they are man-made, natural, biological or chemical. EH fulfills this responsibility by responding to complaints made by individuals, businesses and community organizations, and by enforcing specific federal, state and local statutes. EH responds to public/private sewage treatment, water supply and shelter needs. These needs are usually driven by requests or complaints. 

Services provided include: 
  • Land evaluations for on-site sewage treatment and water supply systems
  • Inspection and approval of all on-site sewage treatment and/or water well systems before a transfer of home ownership can occur
  • Inspections of food service establishments on a periodic basis and also for temporary events, festivals and food vending machines
  • Response to non-illness complaints and complaints of possible foodborne illnesses at food service establishments
  • Inspections of public swimming pools, campgrounds and body art establishments annually, and investigation of complaints related to these facilities
  • Evaluation of environmental health-related issues in child day care and adult foster care facilities
  • Assistance to facilities with Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning under SARA Title III (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act)
  • Groundwater protection, solid waste planning and compliance inspections, and surface water monitoring
  • Collection of household hazardous waste
  • Regulation of tobacco sales and enforcement of restrictions including the State of Michigan’s Smoke Free Workplace Law
  • Implementation of the Ingham County Pollution Prevention Regulation
  • Monitoring of indoor air quality including radon, mercury and mold, and analysis of potentially hazardous materials
  • Consultation on environmental remediation activities