The Hardest Part

Crystal – To be perfectly honest, breastfeeding was cheaper than buying formula. And I knew it was healthy. As parents we want what’s best for our kids and giving them that extra boost at the beginning sets the tone for their health later on. It’s the best first thing I can do as a mom. I just didn’t realize it was going to be so tough.

The lack of sleep at night was really hard to adjust to; both not sleeping as much and struggling with the feeling of having to do it all by myself. There are other problems that you could face too, like engorgement. My oldest didn’t latch and my youngest didn’t want to at first, but we pushed through and eventually she figured it out. I have also had a clogged duct that made my whole right side hurt. If you also have a baby that doesn’t latch and you have to pump, don’t feel guilty about it. The ultimate goal is happy and healthy, and that’s what matters no matter what.

Some advice I have for new moms is this: Breastfeeding is tough but you’re tougher.

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