Home Visiting

Home Visiting

Nurse examining pregnant womanNurse home visitors and other home visiting professionals meet with parents and other clients in the comfort of their own homes. They help clients who have medical needs navigate changes or challenges they face. Home visiting is associated with positive outcomes for children and families. To find out if a home visiting program is right for you or if you are aware of a pregnant or parenting woman or family who would benefit from support or services in the home, call us at (517) 887-4322. You can also download, complete and fax a referral form (click here for form) back to us at (517) 887-4384.

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Family Outreach Services
Comprehensive support for pregnant women and parenting families.

Maternal-Infant Health Program
The largest home visiting program in Michigan, serving Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants up to the age of one.

Native American Outreach Program
NAOP is for all ages and assists the urban American Indian/Alaska Native and First Nations population.

Nurse-Family Partnership
A program for women expecting their first child. 

Strong Start | Healthy Start

An initiative to enhance the health of African-American and Hispanic/Latinx families, and improve birth outcomes.