Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping / Solid Waste Complaints

To make an illegal dumping / solid waste complaint please read the following information through to the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Ingham County Solid Waste Program

The solid waste program protects public health by promoting and enforcing the proper disposal of residential waste and construction/demolition debris. This will prevent ground and surface water pollution from illegal solid waste sites and reducing the risk of diseases carried by vectors (animals).

This program carries out regulatory activities under the Rules and Regulations Of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451 of 1994, Part 115.

 Solid Waste Defined 

Solid waste is defined by Part 115 Section 11506 of the Solid Waste Management Act 1994 PA 451. Solid waste means garbage, rubbish, ashes, incinerator ash, incinerator residue, street cleanings, municipal and industrial sludge, solid commercial and solid industrial waste, and animal waste other than organic waste generated in the production of livestock and poultry.

Garbage & Illegal Dumping 

Garbage is a subset of solid waste and includes rejected food waste, animal, fruit and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking, and serving of foods. The ability to address this issue reduces the risk of diseases carried by vectors (wildlife).

To make a complaint contact:

Ingham County Environmental Health - Administration at (517)-887-4312

Individuals must be prepared to give out personal information including their name and contact details. This is so as to allow the Environmental Health representative handling the call to fill out an official complaint form. All personal information will remain confidential to parties outside of the Environmental Health Department.

Further Information

The Ingham County Solid Waste Plan of 1990 requires solid waste generated in Ingham County to be disposed of in an approved facility.

If you are an individual or a private waste hauler that is clearing up a site of illegal waste disposal activity, the facilities listed below are the only locations which are currently approved to take waste from Ingham County.

Pursuant to the Ingham County Solid Waste Plan no waste disposal facility apart from those listed below can receive waste generated within Ingham County.