Pollution Prevention (P2)

Pollution Prevention Program (P2)

What is the Pollution Prevention Program?

The Ingham County Pollution Prevention Program (P2) is responsible for inspecting facilities that use and/or store toxic, hazardous, or polluting substances. Inspectors ensure that facilities utilize and dispose of hazardous materials properly, thereby preventing environmental contamination/exposure to the environment.

Renewal Information

If there are NO CHANGES to your chemical inventory and ALL ELEMENTS of the status sheet remain ACCURATE and COMPLETE please complete the Contact Information component of the status sheet only (link online form below). 

If you have CHANGES please complete the applicable parts of the status sheet (located in the Documentation tab below).


To comply with the Pollution Prevention Regulation the following needs to be submitted:
  • Contact Information Sheet
  • Manufacturer Inventory (Fresh Chemical) List
  • Materials Inventory (Fresh Chemical) List
  • Waste Materials Inventory List
  • Facility Schematic/Site Plan (example on the last page of the Status Sheet pack)

You can complete the full Status Sheet pack using an online form:
[If you do not wish to fill out online]  The following status sheet pack can be printed, completed, scanned and emailed (see below) to Environmental Health.

[If you do not wish to fill out online]  The following editable pdfs require saving to your device before they can then be edited and saved multiple times. Facilities with a large variety of fresh and/or waste chemicals may need to download and complete multiple sheets.

  • Payments can be made here

  • If you did not use online form, you can email your completed documentation to Environmental Health here

Program Information

Further Details
The intent of the Ingham County Pollution Prevention Program (P2) is to identify and disclose facilities that have toxic, hazardous, or polluting materials in order to protect ground waters of Ingham County and to disclose information to First Responder Personnel in case of an emergency.

This program applies to any facility that manufactures, stores, uses or produces an aggregate volume of more than 56 gallons or 450 pounds of toxic, of hazardous or polluting substance. There are some facilities which are exempt, such as: retail facilities, universities, hospitals, and agricultural operations.

Facilities are required to submit an updated P2 Status Sheet by March 1, of each reporting year. Facilties are also required to have an inspection by Health Department staff on a regular basis. Initially these inspections are every year. After two years in full compliance, facilities can be placed on reduced frequency status.

In the event of an environmental incident, the P2 Program can provide first responders with:

  • Business Information — 
  • Facility Contacts —
  • Fresh Chemical Inventory — 
  • Waste Chemical Inventory — 
  • Site Schematic