Permits & Licensing

Environmental Health

Body Art

- Body Art Application

Body Art Facility Program License Types Service Fees ($)
License renewal (late fee included)
Full plan review with license fee 475.00

Food Establishments

2022-2023 Food and Facilities Fees Schedule

New Ownership Information for Fixed Food Service Establishment
New Owners are to provide the following if there will be no changes to the establishment or the equipment within:

Evaluation Only: Food Service Establishment Information Document

Evaluation and Licensure:
Plan Review for Fixed Food Service Establishment
See Submission Instructions Document
Special Transitory Food Unit/Mobile Food Establishment
Temporary Food Establishments

Mobile Food Establishment Commissary Agreement
Payment Forms

-  STFU Inspection Request Form (Online)

  2022-2023 Food Service License Renewal Application (Online)
-   2022-2023 Food Service License Application (Online)
Please contact Environmental Health at (517) 887-4312 if you have any questions

-  Temporary Food Establishment License Application (Online)

P2 - Pollution Prevention Program

Individual Editable P2 PDF Status Sheets

- Pollution Prevention Status Sheet

-  Materials Manufacturer Information Sheet

-  Fresh Chemicals Inventory Sheet

 Waste Chemicals Inventory Sheet

Payment Forms

-  Payment Form

Pollution Prevention (P2) Program Reporting Fees ($) Inspection Fees ($)
Category 1: 56-499 Gallons (450-4,499 pounds) 80.00 160.00
Category 2: 500-4,999 Gallons (4,500-44,999 pounds) 160.00 260.00
Category 3: 5,000 or more Gallons (more than 45,000 pounds) 245.00 390.00
 Late Fee (after 3/1/2020)

Submit Document/s


Electronic Filing & Payment Portal

- Annual Pool Inspection Request Form/Contact Sheet

Pool Program Description Service Fees ($)
Inspection Annual full inspection of the pool area, equipment, and water quality 190.00
Additional Pool -Same Location 135.00
Late Payment When a pool payment for an annual inspection has not been received after 30 days of being invoiced 140.00
Re-Inspection Re-inspection needed due to a violation not being corrected at the time of the previous inspection 200.00


- Tobacco Licence Application / Renewal

Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Program Description Non East Lansing Fees ($) East Lansing Fees ($)
Sales License Retail sales license to permit the selling of tobacco and electronic smoking devices 370.00 330.00
Change of Ownership If a business that is currently selling tobacco or electronic smoking devices undergoes a change of ownership, the license is non-transferable; the new owner must obtain a new license 150.00 130.00
Following Fees Apply To Any Location
Vending Machine Sales License To permit the sales of tobacco or electronic smoking devices 335.00
Temporary License To permit the sale of tobacco or electronic smoking devices under a temporary/sampling basis 130.00
Late Fee/Failure to Report a Change of Ownership If a business has been operating without notifying the county of a change of ownership or the license is not submitted by the required due date 200.00

Well & Septic

- Well & Septic Application

- Request for Point of Sale Inspection

Point of Sale Fees
Water Supply Well and On-Site Septic Disposal Programs Description License Fee ($)
Well Permit Permit to construct or alter a private residential, type II, or type III well 425.00
Septic Permit New or repair permit for residential or commercial septic (and drain field) 900.00
Septic Tank Permit New/repair septic tank only 385.00
Combined Well & Septic Permit Repair/replace and new well and septic 1,100.00
Septic Plan Review Alternative on-site sewage system plan review 340.00
Vacant Land Evaluation Application for residential or commercial lot and soil evaluation 425.00
Township Evaluation Municipal required evaluation of well and/or septic 105.00
Type II Inspection Non-community sanitary survey Transient


Point of Sale Program
Point of Sale Application Administrative processing fee of application 275.00
On-Site Evaluation On-Site Evaluation of Well and Septic 490.00
Waste Treatment Evaluation Evaluation of the waste treatment system 380.00
Well Evaluation Evaluation of the well 275.00
Inspector annual renewal fee Annual renewal fee of inspector’s certification 205.00
 Campgrounds Program
Permanent Site Inspection Full inspection of the water system, sewage disposal, and the campground facilities.  $430.00  
Temporary Site Inspection Full inspection of the water system, sewage disposal, and the campground facilities.  $190.00  
 Child or Adult Foster Care Program (DHS)
 Inspection Full inspection of the water system, sewage disposal, building and grounds  $290.00  

Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)