Getting Help

Candid- I wasn't a breastfed baby and no one I knew breastfed.  I thought it should be easy because it's a natural thing.  Having such high expectations for myself and my new baby added extra stress on me that allowed me to resent breastfeeding.  However, with the help of support groups like Baby Cafe and an experienced friend, I was able to get through and create new goals that took the stress I was feeling away.  With my second child, I went into it with only the expectation that we were going to give it our best try.  We did, and my second born has been a breastfeeding champion! 

Some advice for new moms is this: If you have a stressful or bad experience with one child, don't allow that experience stop you from breastfeeding your next child.  Surround yourself with "real" supporters that can give you practical and experienced techniques in order to help you and your baby go through this together stress free!

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