Ingham Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative


The Ingham Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative "IOAPI" (formerly the Ingham Opioid Work Group) first formed in early 2015. The group includes health officials, health providers, people specializing in substance abuse treatment, law enforcement and other first responders, and members of non-profit organizations. The focus of this group is to reduce overdose fatality in the community, in addition to reducing the stigma that is associated with Substance Use.

Mission Statement: The Ingham Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative is an action-oriented, community collaborative established to develop and implement strategies that prevent and reduce opioid addiction in Ingham County.

Vision Statement: To reduce overdose fatality in the community, in addition to reducing the stigma that is associated with Substance Use and increasing the accessibility to resources and care for those in need.

Commitment Statement: In order to build a reliable, accessible, seamless structure for Substance Use Disorder prevention and services in our community that improves and saves lives, we are committed to unifying our efforts, removing barriers, trusting our partners, sharing information and engaging in work that enhances and compliments the work of members and partners.

Click the links below to view the process on how IOAPI got started.
Timeline of IOAPI Strategic planning 10.24.19 Strategic planning 11.21.19 Strategic planning 1.16.20


IOAPI 2020 meeting summary
2020 IOAPI Coalition Meeting Schedule 6.4.20 IOAPI meeting summary 8.6.20 IOAPI meeting summary 9.3.20 IOAPI meeting summary 10.1.20 IOAPI meeting summary 11.5.20 IOAPI meeting summary 

2020 IOAPI presentations

IOAPI 2021 meeting schedule and summary
IOAPI 2021 schedule
1.7.21 IOAPI meeting summary
2.4.21 IOAPI meeting summary
3.4.21 IOAPI meeting summary
4.1.21 IOAPI meeting summary
5.6.21 IOAPI meeting summary
6.3.21 IOAPI meeting summary
7.1.21 IOAPI meeting summary
8.5.21 IOAPI meeting summary

2021 Video recording of Guest Speakers
Workit Health - Digital Addiction Care
Bridging Health Services as an Essential part of Michigan Opioid Response

2021 IOAPI Presentations

If you have any questions, you can contact: 
Renold JeanLouis
Prevention Programs Coordinator

Tammy Maidlow-Bresnahan 
Program Specialist Substance Use Disorder

Click the link Resource Guide to access ICHD Resource Directory for Individuals and Families Impacted by Substance Use Disorder. This resource was created for anyone seeking help for Substance Use Disorder. 

Ingham County Health Department is offering free Naloxone Training in addition to free Naloxone kit. Naloxone is a medication that is designed to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. Click on the link Ingham Narcan Training to schedule your free training. Training is available to anyone.

Surveillance Report 
2016 Annual Surveillance Report


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