Pathways to Care

Pathways to Care

The Pathways to Care Team at ICHD helps Medicaid-eligible residents of Ingham County and/or Lansing connect to and enroll in a variety of Medicaid- funded programs and services. Call or email:                              

                            517-272-4123 / / Referral Form

 How it works:

·       Community Health Workers can help you learn more about what is covered by Medicaid and help you enroll in Medicaid-funded programs and services. During COVID-19 Pathways to Care is providing phone-based services only.

·       Community Health Workers can help you connect with community, medical and social services to help you get safe healthcare options, including phone-based and/or video-based healthcare and substance abuse recovery support. Staff can also help you get care even if you do not currently have a regular doctor. 

·       For more information or to get help from Pathways to Care, call  Pathways to Care Clinical Supervisor Sarah Kenney at 517-272-4123 or email

Other info about Pathways to Care: 

- Pathways to Cares a program within the Health and Promotion Division of the Ingham County Health Department. 

- This program is modeled after the evidence based Pathways to Better Health program.  PTC is a normally a home-visiting program utilizing Community Health Workers. During COVID-19 Pathways to Care is providing phone-based services only.

The purpose for Pathways to Care is to support Medicaid eligible participants to live longer, healthier lives by:
  • Identifying and enrolling participants eligible for Medicaid funded programs 
  • Improving access and accessibility to preventive health services covered by Medicaid
  • Serving as a liaison between community, medical and social service systems to streamline health services
Benefits of Pathways to Care
  • Enhancing participants’ ability to communicate effectively with healthcare providers
  • Providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health information and resources 
  • Advocating for individual and community health 
  • Medication Assessments for clients with High blood pressure, Diabetes, Chronic Heart Failure, COPD, or Asthma
  • Providing referral and follow-up services
Program Goals
  • Increase the number of Medicaid eligible recipients enrolled and receiving primary care
  • Decrease readmissions and emergency department visits 
  • Improve overall health and wellness of Medicaid eligible recipients in our community
Target Population
  • Clients diagnosed or at risk of chronic disease
  • Medicaid eligible 
  • Medicaid eligibility unknown 
  • Adults 18 and older (will accept referrals for those under 18) 

For more information or to enroll, contact us.

Telephone: (517) 272-4123
Fax: (517) 887-4490
Address: 5303 S. Cedar Street; Lansing, MI 48911