Ronald A. Charles, MD MHSA FACP FACHE
 Medical Director


Sliding Fee Discount:

Ingham Community Health Centers offers a Sliding Fee Discount Program. Patients without insurance or those who are underinsured or have insurance deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments may be eligible for a healthcare discount.

Eligibility is based on total household income and family size.
Some programs and services have different eligibility requirements. Our staff will help you know what you may be eligible for.

Our front office staff can assist you in applying for the sliding fee discount program at the time of your scheduled appointment.
You must provide income information for all household members once per year.
Any changes in income or family size must be reported for a review of your income.


  • Wages, Tips and Salaries
  • Earnings from Self-Employment
  • Child Support
  • Social Security (Retirement, Survivors and Disability)
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Income from Rental Property
  • Interest Income
  • Investment Income
  • Workers Compensation
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veteran Benefits
  • Pensions and Retirement Benefits
  • Gaming Revenues
  • Regular Money from Family, Friends or Foreign Government Support
  • Insurance Payments
  • Spousal Support
  • Military Allotments
  • Strike Pay
  • Training Income
  • Trust Funds (if currently collecting)
  • Lottery Winnings


Based upon provided services, the amount you will pay/owe will depend on your household income.
Payment is expected at the time of service. Services will not be denied based on ability to pay.

All information that we collect about you is confidential.

The Sliding Fee Discount Program can be used to help you with any out-of-pocket insurance deductibles, co-insurance, co-payments or non-covered services.

If you have a balance, you may receive a statement in the mail.  If you have questions about a statement you receive, please contact the Billing Department.

View the Brochure Here!
Brochures also available in each Health Center

The ICHC Sliding Fee Discount Program is made possible by Federal Grants through the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care.

B&R Contact Information

If you have questions about a statement you receive, or to make a payment via phone, please contact the Billing Department at: 517-887-4383