Mid-Michigan Health In All Project

The Mid-Michigan Health In All Project builds on past "healthy communities" work in our region to create systems, relationships and funding for Health In All tools in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Counties. The project includes examples of Health Impact Assessment projects.

Health Impact Assessment of a Regional Fair and Affordable Housing Plan in Mid-Michigan

Housing plays an important role in individual and community health. It provides shelter, enables food storage and preparation, affects access to clean air and water, and it impacts household budgets, family dynamics, access to healthy food, transportation, schools, jobs and services such as healthcare.

Good, stable neighborhoods that meet these basic needs improve community well-being. In this study, we examined the planning process and recommendations that resulted from a regional housing plan. We undertook a systematic process to determine the health impacts of a proposed plan for housing in the tri-county region.

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Please direct correspondence regarding this Health Impact Assessment to Dr. Janine Sinno Janoudi at jsinno@ingham.org

Health Impact Assessment of the Urban and Rural Services Management Policy

Over the past 50 years, the size of virtually every major metropolitan area in the United States has expanded dramatically, and the rate of land development has outpaced the rate of population growth. Much of this growth has occurred in suburban and rural areas, with much less growth occurring within the urban centers. Dispersed growth patterns and other local land-use practices have had a significant effect on the environment and human health.

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Correspondence: Please direct correspondence regarding this Health Impact Assessment to Janine Sinno Janoudi at jsinno@ingham.org

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