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Communicable Disease monitors and investigates the occurrence of communicable disease in Ingham County. Communicable diseases are those which are infectious or contagious. They can be transmitted directly from person to person or animal to person, or indirectly through contaminated food and beverages, particularly water. Communicable diseases are a continuing and significant threat to man. Despite the eradication of some diseases, new bacteria and viruses are continuously emerging or reemerging in multi-drug resistant forms.

The role of the Communicable Disease professional is to control and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in a population or community through surveillance, investigation, detection, recognition and/or identification of pathogens, facilitation of preventive treatment and/or education, reporting and evaluation. The early identification of infectious diseases and the control of these illnesses, rests with the primary care provider who recognizes a communicable disease, an unusual case presentation, or a cluster of like-symptoms. Michigan Communicable Disease Rules (R 325.171 et al) require physicians and laboratories to report over 70 communicable diseases to local health departments.

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Communicable disease reporting is exempt from HIPAA regulations. Health care providers do not need patient consent to report diseases to the Health Department. Click here for more information.

Ingham County School Reporting

Communicable Disease Reporting for Schools, Daycare Centers and Camps
Managing Communicable Disease in Schools and Daycare Centers

Facility Outbreak Intake Form-Influenza Like Illness
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