Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease Control Division is responsible for the epidemiological investigation, prevention, intervention, control and surveillance of communicable diseases in Ingham County. A Communicable Disease Control staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to identify and contain public health threats. 

This Division leads ICHD’s efforts to prevent HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and tuberculosis (TB). The HIV/AIDS program focuses on preventing the transmission of HIV infection, and prolonging and improving the quality of life for those living with HIV. County residents can get primary prevention, education, individual risk reduction, and counseling along with HIV and STI testing at little or no cost. 

The Immunization Program is part of the Communicable Disease Control Division. The Immunization Program works to protect the residents of Ingham County by increasing the immunization rates of children and adults. It achieves this by: 

  • Providing vaccines for a variety of conditions
  • Increasing public awareness of immunizations through educational activities
  • Monitoring immunization levels of adults and children through the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR)
  • Providing nurse education courses
  • Conducting site visits
  • Providing international travel consultations