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COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Questions

Have you filled out the COVID-19 vaccine registration form? Here are answers to some common questions:
1️⃣ I submitted the form but have received no email response. Did you get my form?
We have limitations on the volume of emails we can send daily. If you saw a screen that thanked you after you submitted the form, it was received.
2️⃣ I received an email that my prioritization group is being reviewed, what does that mean?
Your form is being reviewed and held due to either a lack of appointments available for your group or because we have not reached your priority group. Please continue to check your email.
3️⃣ I received a link to schedule an appointment but there are no appointments available. Is my link broken?
No. This means there are no appointments available for your priority group at this time. (We have scheduled through the end of February.) Please continue to check this link. Appointments will be added.
4️⃣ I am over 65 and have not received a link to schedule.
Because group 1B is so large, we had to segment the group. People age 70+ are prioritized at this time. We will open up to people age 65-69 soon.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Group 1B is very large. It includes approximately 80,000 people locally and we are only receiving enough vaccine to take 2000 new patients (first doses) each week. We hope to increase capacity soon.

If you haven't completed the registration form and would like to, here is the link.