Power of We

The Ingham County Power of We Consortium (PWC) is historically known as the Human Services Collaborative Model.  PWC offers an effective working model for capacity building and community improvement, resulting in a consistent flow of beneficial assets for Michigan’s Capital Area. Reportedly, over the past several years (and currently continuing), the Power of We Consortium has either directly provided or significantly supported the provisions, for example, of the following impactful community services:

  • Helped galvanize community support for the Ingham Health Plan, a locally-developed health coverage model that has provided access to care to more than 55,000 Ingham County residents since 1998.
  • Built and sustained a neighborhood-based system of community centers and community development initiatives that support grassroots change.
  • Democratized access to community data and social services information by developing innovative Web-based tools and a 2-1-1 call center.
  • Developed data collections and discharge systems that were replicated statewide to improve support for the homeless.
  • Built internal capacity of community and faith-based organizations to increase effective service provisions.

PWC is a “people-first, needs-caring” organization. The needs of our diverse-communities are great and unending. They need us-you and me.

Will you join us? Will you support us? Together, we can do great things, and change for the better many lives in Ingham County. The need is great. Contact us about how we can work together! Call us at (517) 887-4691.

Power of We houses the AmeriCorps program.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and self-sufficiency of all residents of Ingham County.

Our vision is a healthy community through collaboration.