Well and Septic

Ingham County relies entirely on groundwater as its source of drinking water. Businesses, government agencies, residents, and agriculture consume more than 40 million gallons of water per day. Work to protect groundwater has resulted in a multi-faceted prevention approach within the Division of Environmental Health. The division's well permit program sets standards for site selection, isolation from contamination, and construction technique. Staff monitors groundwater conditions that exist around the approximately 616 known sites of actual or potential groundwater pollution. These areas of contamination could impact the more than 13,271 drinking water wells located throughout the county.

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For Residential Water Well Owners

  • National Ground Water Association (NGWA) 
    • Link & Information on Private Water Well Owner Hotline Number: 855 H20.WELL (855 420.9355). 
    • Join the NGWA's Mailing list for tip-sheets, Webinars and further information on the science of all things drinking water related. 
  • Visit Wellowner.org a website that provides information & guidance to private well owners.

Protect Your Drinking Water