River & Stream Sampling

Ingham County Community Surface Water Program

The Ingham County Community Surface Water Program is a consortium of local units of government and state agencies that have a strong interest in the protection and stewardship of the County's surface water resources. The Ingham County Department of Environmental Health is the administrative agency for the program. The consortium consists of the following:

City of Lansing, - City of East Lansing, - City of Mason, - Delhi Township, - Meridian Township, - City of Williamston, - Michigan State University, - Ingham County Conservation District and the - Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.

With a monitoring network of 21 river and stream sites established in 2005, the program provides weekly E.coli
data from May through September to the Ingham County Community.

Regulatory Stipulations

Michigan Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) Laws, Rules and Standards:

• Rule 57 Water Quality Values

• Act 451 Water Quality Rules

EGLE: Water Resources Division Homepage

EGLE: Assessment of Michigan Waters information

Click Here to visit the Michigan Surface Water Information Management System (MiSWIMS), an interactive map-based system that allows users to view information about Michigan's surface water. Users are able to view and download data collected by the DEQ and DNR from surface water monitoring sites located throughout Michigan.

Click Here Michigan Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) Inland Lake and Stream Information 

​EPA: Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters website

Click Here to view the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Michigan Water Science Center webpage where you'll find information on Michigan's surface water and groundwater quality, and many other topics.

​Local Watershed Information and Groups​

​The majority of Ingham County is situated in the Upper Grand River Watershed but a small fraction is also dissected by the Huron Watershed in the south east of the County (right image). These are known as Hydrologic Unit Code 08 (HUC 08) watersheds (see below for explanation). Ingham County is also dissected by a number of smaller HUC 10 watersheds, notably the Red Cedar River, it's Headwaters and the Looking Glass River.

- Click Here for a pdf of Ingham County/HUC08 Watersheds

- Click Here for a pdf of Ingham County/HUC10 Watersheds

Click Here for an explanation of Hydrologic Unit Codes (courtesy of the USGS/NRCS). 

Click Here to view the EPA Surf Your Watershed webpage for Ingham County. 

In the wider Tri-County region that includes Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Counties there are a number of watershed groups that are working hard to protect, improve, conserve and promote the water resources of mid-Michigan and ultimately the Great Lakes.

Watershed Management Planning

Maple River Watershed  Management Planning Project
- Red Cedar River Watershed Planning Project

Watershed Groups

Greater Lansing Regional Committee (GLRC)
Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds (MGROW)
Looking Glass River Friends
Friends of the Maple River 

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 for a Local Watershed Fact Sheet PDF icon