Surveillance Book

Health is a community issue. Consequently, health problems require community involvement, acting in concert with the local public health,  to solve them. One of the ten essential services of public health is to inform the public about local health issues and empower them to develop solutions. To that end, the Ingham County Health Department, on its own or in partnership with other local stakeholders, participates in a variety projects and activities to continually monitor the health behavior and health status of residents in its jurisdiction and the region.

Ingham County Health Surveillance Book (aka The Data Book) is a resource guide that condenses the demographics and health statistics (e.g. diabetes, access to medical care, physical activity, and  tobacco use) of the population of our community. This set of documents is intended to help policy makers, program managers, and other interested persons understand important health needs of the community. The content of the Data Book is as follows:

Section 1: Demographics
Section 2: Physical Health & Healthcare
Section 3: Pregnancy & Natality
Section 4: Life expectancy & Mortality
Section 5: Capital Area Behavioral Risk Factor & Social Capital Survey
Section 6: Child Health
Section 7: Communicable Disease & Immunization
Section 8: Healthy Communities
Section 9: Violence & Abuse
Section 10: Health Equity

Sections will be added as they become available.