Recycle Rama

Scheduled Event Date:
Saturday, April 18th. 2015, 9AM-2PM


Volunteers are needed to help host and run the event.

Click on the image above and sign up at Volunteerspot
to be an integral part of the Recycle Rama team.

Recycling Details

Ingham County residents can recycle or donate for reuse the following items: electronics, household batteries, books, CDs and DVDs, holiday lights, unwanted medicine, appliances/scrap metal, bicycles, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners, #1-#7 plastics, glass jars/bottles/containers (including green glass), CFLs, Fluorescent Tubes, mercury thermostats/thermometers, styrofoam, fabrics/yarn and eyeglasses.


Some of the items require special handling: Mercury thermostats and thermometers should be left intact and placed in a sealed Ziploc bag. Unwanted medicines should be kept in the original container and personal information (including the prescription number) should be blacked out on the bottle.


All items free to drop off! Donations accepted, not expected. Call the Ingham County Bureau of Environmental Health at (517)-887-4521 for additional information.

Event History

​Recycle Rama is an annual recycling event that takes place at the Ingham County Health Department. A wide range of materials and items (See below for further information) are accepted and it is one of the largest single day collection events in Michigan.

The event is brought to the community by the Regional Recycling Coordinating Committee (R2C2), a broad coalition of polities spanning the tri-county area (Ingham, Clinton & Eaton Counties).

Below is a slide show of pictures from past events. Proceeding that are statistics from the most recent events.

Recycle Rama Stats

Number of vehicles that passed through Recycle Rama over the years

Tons of waste electronics collected at Recycle Rama over the years

Lbs of medicines (blue=non-controlled, red=controlled) collected at Recycle Rama over the years

Post Event Media Coverage