Using Your WIC Food Benefits

Food Guides
Approved Grocery Stores and Pharmacies
This list contains grocery stores and pharmacies that accept WIC benefits. Please note that some specialty formulas must be purchased at select pharmacies and ordered prior to pick-up.


Get Real About Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding in public is legal, healthy, and normal. Learn how you can encourage moms to start breastfeeding and continue breastfeeding, and normalize breastfeeding in our culture.

Get prepared to breastfeed using free resources from Coffective including a phone app.

Nutrition Education

If you see a sticker on your shopping list like the image to the right, your next appointment is to complete a nutrition education topic. This should be completed no later and no ea​rlier than the date written at the top of the sticker. You can complete the nutrition education by choosing one of the following two options:

Information Mall
The Information Mall is located in the Ingham County Health Department. Walk-ins are accepted during the following times: 
  • Monday, 8-11AM and 1-4PM
  • Wednesday, 8-11AM
  • Friday, 8-11AM and 1-4PM
Online Nutrition Education
Visit on a computer or cell phone and following the directions on the website. After completing Nutrition Education using this method expect to receive a phone call from a nutrition staff member to schedule your next WIC office appointment.


Ingham County WIC Application and Referral Form
Please fax the form to (517) 676-7278, mail it to 5303 S. Cedar St., PO Box 30161, Lansing MI 48909-7661, or deliver it directly to the WIC office at the Ingham County Health Department.

Special Formula/Food Request Form
For a list of authorized formulas and qualifying conditions, please visit the following website: MDDHS - WIC Authorized Formulas. Please fax the completed form to (517) 676-7278. Forms with missing information may delay the approval process.