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Data collection for Behavioral Risk Factors Survey

Data collection is underway for the county’s 2017-19 Behavioral Risk Factors Survey (BRFS). The telephone/cell phone survey collects data from local adults regarding health and day-to-day habits that may affect health. The Ingham County Health Department, the Barry-Eaton Health Department, the Mid-Michigan District Health Department, and the Capital Area United Way jointly commissioned the survey, contracting with Public Sector Consultants of Lansing and SSI. All information collected is completely anonymous. Surveyors do not ask for personal information that can identify the participants. Telephone numbers are not connected to data. Data will be used to assess local health needs and to inform program planning.

Data collection in 2018 will take place: 

  • May 28-June 10

  • Sept. 1-14

  • Nov. 23-Dec. 6

Participation is voluntary and each survey takes about 20 minute to complete.